Laminating Services

Are you in need of laminating services in British Columbia? At CanCADD we are laminating specialists. We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art lamination and encapsulation equipment in order to provide a wide range of laminating services.

Laminating is an inexpensive way to protect maps, posters, charts, technical drawings, the output from pen plotters, and just about anything that is flat. We offer wide format lamination, hot lamination, full encapsulation as well as waterproof media. If you are interested in lamination services, please contact us for a free quote specific to your needs.

Wide Format Lamination
Up to 36 inches wide.

Hot Lamination
Hot lamination adds a matte or gloss film to enhance and protect documents and printed materials. This is achieved using a heat-activated adhesive.

Full Encapsulation
Encapsulation is excellent for items that require more robust protection against becoming dirty or wet. This leaves a transparent plastic border around the edge of the printed item.

Waterproof Medias
Having your documents printed on waterproof media may eliminate the need for lamination or encapsulation. Please inquire for more details about our currently available waterproof media options.

Contact for details!